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Welcome to a beautifully simple way to garden with perennials. Given one year to establish themselves, perennials come back stronger and stronger year. Add these beautiful perennials to your garden for years of color!

These big blooming perennials are a welcome addition to your garden or can be brought indoors as cut flowers.
Irises that come back year after year.
These colorful, sun-loving perennials are ideal for border plantings.
These large, leafy plants are ideal for summer shade borders.
Named for their bright heart shaped blooms, Bleeding Heart are ideal along shady borders.
Add a splash of color to any shade garden with these feathery blooms.
Also known as coneflowers, these blooms are sure to attract butterflies.
These colorful blooms brighten up sunny borders year after year.
Great around mailboxes and trellises, these flowering vines add a splash of color to any summer garden.
These shade loving, leafy plants are ideal for shade gardens.
These bell shaped blooms add welcome foliage and color to shade gardens.
A carefully selected assortment of specialty perennials that come back year after year.