Dutch Iris

With hundreds of varieties and colors, the Dutch Iris gets its name from the Greek word for rainbow. According to mythology, the Greek goddess Iris is the personification of a rainbow because she acted as the link between heaven and earth. In ancient Greece, purple irises were often planted on the graves of women to summon Iris to bring them heaven.

Respected for its beauty, the influence of the Iris can be found throughout history. Drawings of the flower can be found decorating the palaces of the Egyptians Kings. During the middle ages the French Monarchy fell in love with the flower and it served as the inspiration for the Fleur de Lis, the national symbol of France. Later, the Iris served as inspiration for some of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous paintings.

Dutch Irises are perfect to fill in the gap in your garden between the blooms of spring and the early blooms summer. Not only will you be able to enjoy these blooms in your garden, you can also enjoy them in your home as long-lasting fresh cut flowers.

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