These highly fragrant bulbs are a beautiful addition to a spring garden. According to Greek mythology, Hyacinth was a young boy who was killed when a discus hit him the head. As the Greek god Apollo held him and wept, a hyacinth sprang from the cut on the boys head.

The hyacinth was made famous in the mid 18th century by Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of France’s King Louis XV. In love with the beauty, elegance and perfume-like fragrance of the Dutch hyacinth, Madame de Pompadour grew hundreds of hyacinths indoors and out. In the winter months she forced hyacinths on glasses throughout the palace and during the spring she filled the gardens of Versailles with hyacinths.

Just as hyacinths once adorned the palace of Versailles, they can serve as a beautiful and colorful addition to your own garden and in your home. So scatter these fragrant blooms in containers or force them indoors to enjoy the elegant florets produced by each flower head.