About Bulbs to Blooms

Gardening made simple, beautiful and successful.

Many centuries ago the Dutch brought tulips back from Turkey. They combined hard work with a passion for growing and exporting bulbs, cut flowers and plants and helped a little country develop into an international powerhouse.

Bulbs are among the easiest, most beautiful and diverse plants to grow. Bulbs are so simple because they are as close as anyone will come to being fool-proof in your garden. Bulbs also contain their own internal food source. So starting with a good quality bulb and planting it at the right time (both things we can help you with), results in satisfying results! Because bulbs naturally WANT to grow; you can plant them upside down or sideways and they will find a way to prosper. Flowers grown from bulbs have special roles in the garden. For example, tulips and daffodils bring the first flower of spring, Dinnerplate dahlias in your summer garden show off spectacular big blooms and hostas soften and fill in shady places. The colors, sizes, varieties and textures are endless for a beautiful garden all season long!

Our goal is to offer value, provide you with simple planting instructions and assist you with planning your garden. We make gardening with bulbs and perennials easy for you. We have done this by providing you with three simple steps to ensure your success:

1. Value: Value is a combination of quality, service, and price. Like any other product, quality makes a difference. In general you can expect bigger blooms, stronger stems or more flowers from a higher quality bulb. We are proud to bring you a quality bulb that ensures picture perfect results.

2. Planting and Aftercare Instructions: Our planting and aftercare instructions are easy for you to follow with step-by-step photographs and concise directions.

3. Planning your garden: We know that color, shape, bloom time, light condition and height are the most important considerations in deciding how you decorate your landscape and garden each season. Our garden guide and plant informatio pages give you the information you need to take the guesswork out of bulb gardening and give you the results you are looking to achieve. It’s gardening made simple!

We welcome your thoughts and comments. Send us your ideas, questions or photos of your bulb garden to info@lfgardens.com. We look forward to building a beautiful garden with you!