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Garden Design

Simple tips for creating beautiful gardens.

Planning ahead can ensure you have a successful garden the first time. You may think you don't have the time or talent to create a beautiful garden, but our tips simplify garden design to make your garden experience easy and rewarding.

In this section, we’ll break down the considerations of garden design so that you can easily achieve picture perfect results in your garden. Start by using each tip one at a time and as you gain confidence in the garden, add more elements of design. Take your time and avoid feeling overwhelmed. It’s really quite simple once you get started!

Garden design for picture perfect results.

Garden design for picture perfect results.

Consider these five common elements when designing a garden:

COLOR - Choose colors like a professional by learning the basics of color.
TEXTURE - A plant’s visual appearance adds variety and interest.
SIZE - Learn how the size & shape of your plants and garden objects creates a balance.
BORDERS - Define spaces and soften walkways by using the right plants.
BLOOM TIME - Learn how to plant flowers that bloom in subsequent order so you can enjoy a blooming garden all season long!

In addition, consider the following.

LANDSCAPE STYLE - Do you have a formal or informal garden personality?
GARDEN DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS - Learn the basics of soil, zones and exposure.
GARDEN LIFESTYLE CONSIDERATIONS - Your garden can reflect your life and be an extension of your outdoor living space.